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I have a question about disc brakes squeaking???

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This is the first ATV I hae owned with disc brakes. When I was riding trail riding yesteray we went through some little mud holes nothing deep just enough to splash your tires and wheels. After going through that stuff when I would use my front brakes they would squeak. Is this normal? When we found a creek I ran through it just to clean off the tires and brakes and no squeak after that. I just want to make sure with all the dirt and sand getting on them is what makes them squeak. Thanks
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Yes, it is normal. You probably got some mud on the rotor and glazed it. If it happens again and won't go away take you pads off and pass some sandpaper in between them to roughen them up a bit. Also dealerships sell cans of contact brake cleaner... it works wonders.
Thanks for the reply. They sqeaked most of the day after I got them muddy. After I went through the water they were fine. So this is normal? What is that contact stuff you are talking about? Can I apply it before I go riding and will it be fine if I go through dirt and mud? Or will this always happen when I go through my little mud holes? Thanks
It is bound to happen when you ride in mud. The contact cleaner is something you can spray to clean your rotor. It won't help in preventing anything. It just cleans any film off of the rotor. The mud here where I live isnt that bad to clean but clay is a pain to get out of the breaks. After ride where I am in clay I take the pad assembly off to get everything out of there. Sometimes if the bike has sat up for a while mine will squeal a little until I use the breaks a little.
Thanks for te advice. I figured it was going to squeak once I went through some dirt. I heard the hondas have a scraper to remove the big clumps of mud. I need to take off my tire and really look at the set up.
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