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I have a bumper idea, what do you think?

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Okay, first of all I have a problem.

My front bumper is dented and rusty, i have painted it 4 times and it keeps coming off. not b/c of a bad paint job, but it's from bumping into other bikes, trees, cars, trucks, and small children.

My idea is to prevent that by covering the bumper with some type of tape that would resist abrasions and bumps.

I got the idea when i saw on a guy on tv wrapping an exhaust on a chopper with some type of heat tape.

the only type of tape that i could find online is called 20 mil pipe wrap, it is a cloth type tape that is used to protect pipes from abrasions and chemicals and stuff.

If anyone knows of a product out there that will work please let me know.
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Just a thought, but wouldn't that tape also hold moisture thus causing the guard to rust a LOT faster? It would probably be more expensive, but what about just getting it coated with bed liner? Done right it should hold up to the abuse you're giving it and still protect the metal underneath. Just a thought.
my thinking

my thinking is that I could give it a good sanding and nice couple of coats of primer and paint just like the last few times.

then wrap it with this tape. the company that makes it says that is not water absorbent so it wouldn't hold water and that it will not grow mold or mildew.

I had bedliner on there first and I pushed a guy out of a ditch and it cracked off...

this tape is very thick and if yu wrap it right it should get wet and dry out and get hard like a rock...I need something very thick to absorb impacts. I am always the one leaning trees over with the bumper.....
It is called header wrap here is a link to summit.

that is just wrap, it is held on my tie wraps...

that is what i wanted but i think that it will get loose and fall off.

i am looking for something that will stick and not come off.
You are not going to be able to find any header wrap that will stick on by itself because the sticky stuff would burn off from exhaust heat and fall off. I am not sure what you could use that would be similar but stick by itself.
What if you use rubber electrical tape then heat it up with a heat gun. should bond good but don't know how good it will handle scrapes.
How about you dont wrap it in any kind of tape or paint it again... take them off and have them sprayed with rhino liner or line-x...or u could just buy that herculiner stuff and do it yourself....alot cheaper that way too...
yeah Rhino Liner is polyurithan which is a cross between rubber and plastic and is not supposted to chip
Search for a new one (factory) on ebay, they go cheap.
i got some tape

i got some tape today, i will try it this weekend. it is like electrical tape but it is a lot wider and is used to prevent rust and corrosion on pipes...

i got two huge rolls for free...if it works out i can get 12 more for free....

these two rolls are enough to wrap the front bumper about 4 or 5 times.

i'll try to get some before and after pics....
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