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I got stuck, twice

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Well, I was shamed today by a 2 wheel drive rancher with 25" vampires on it. I got hopelessly stuck twice today in an area called the canals.
REALLY muddy and slick. I had to be pulled out and the rancher pulled right through where i had been. Then she turned around and went back through it.
Stock tires just dont make it.
So does anyone have a set of 27" mud tires on wheels for sell that is wanting to upgrade to go larger?
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I wouldn't feel too bad. My buddy has a Rubicon with 26 inch Titan 589's on it & our other buddy has a 2004 Rancher with stock 24 inch tires. That Rancher will go through more than my buddy's Rubicon. I don't know if it is the weight differance or what. Them Ranchers are pretty danged tuff.
Outdone by a girl! I will never say anything bad about those Ranchers, even the 2wds. They are great bikes. We are going to have to make a trip to Ocala soon.
the worst part is the vampires are an old wore out set that were give to them. My tires were just filling up like they were slicks, But hers were throwing gobs every where
A buddy of mine rides a rancher and goes just about everywhere I do on stock tires, I am trying to get him to upgrade. Whenever he does get stuck he just gets off and helps it out, easier said than done on mine.
I've got a set of 27 mudlights
can ya send a pic. and how much ya asking
just sent you a pm Doctor.
i definitly agree bnjeep the rancher is ALOTTTTTT easier to get unstuck by yourself
the weight difference is significant when in the mud. my 350 is easy to jerk around and pitch. the 500 has more power but it always sinks deeper in the goo. if it weren't for ridding double, i would take the 350 to show out in the mud.
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