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I GOOFED big time, need advice please

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i made a big mistake , i negelected my rear bearing and water/sand killed my rear axle and ring gear where the two intermesh
(reminds me of that old fran oil filter commercial"you can pay me now or pay me later") anyway up here in nova scotia they want 650 dollars for a new axel and ring gear(comes as a set with a pinion gear also)
has anyone ever taken these two items to shop and had them worked on or maybe welded when (will a weld hold)
any and all responses will be appreciated

thank you
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Welding them want last very long. The wifes rear diff. striped out as yours did, but I took a chance and just replace the axle, its still going strong. I got the axle off ebay for $50 shipped. Also there are a few rear diffs and parts on ebays now.

dirty thanks for your reply, can i ask what kind of shape was your wifes axel in, was there notable wear, how long ago did you change the axel, how long has it been holding?
The axle was put in about mid year. On the wifes bike the axle took most of the damage and ring gear did show some wear. The splines for the brake drum are the same as the splines in the middle for the diff. So I used the brake splines to check my ring gear for excessive slack.
thanks dirty, for the info
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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