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I flipped Sat now have Question.

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I bummed my stock wheels up pretty bad Sat. I was kinda standing with one knee on the seat (I know most of yall do this) I reached up to get my sunglasses and I lost my balance and wiped out I am still HURTING but went riding yesterday anyway . Well now left front is rolling to the left while going straight and the Right rear is wobbling real bad. I am hoping that the rear is just a bent wheel. (got new SS112's on the way). But the front is what I am wondering what is wrong. The inside of the wheel hit the A arm. What do I need to do to get it rolling the right way now. Take it to the dealer's shop?? Thanks for the help I am not going to put on the new SS112 and Swamp Lites on til I can get it fixed ??
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Jack the front up and spin the tire if it wobbles then the rim is probably bent. If it is pulling one way then you may just have a tie rod bent. That is what I think.
What did you hit?
The Ground

And it is still hurting
i did the samething the first weekend i took mine out... i was going about 50mph down a dirt road and hit a pot hole pretty bad...i flew feet over head over the handle bars and landed flat on my back... the bike rolled a little bit. no plastic was messed up but one of my front tires was pointing to the outside of the bike about 4 inches more than it should. i took it to the dealership where i bought it and told them that i think it came like that. lol they looked at me like i was crazy and i gave them the same look back. b/c it was a brand new bike they fixed it for me and all it was was the tie rod was pulled out of place. not bent. it took 3 wrenches and maybe 15 min to fix. as far as the back tire, wow. u had one **** of a wreck. hope everything turns out good for u. take it as a good lesson learned, i know i sure did!
Well the rear tire was just a bend wheel I swapped them from right to left and it wobbled on the left side too. I could not find what I bent on the front.

Last night I put my new Swamp Lites on the rear and was hoping that the UPS man would be here this morning, he has not made it here yet. I I took it to Cycle world this morning. I was telling the service man what happened. I told him what I thought it was and he said yep I can see where it has shifted. So I am hoping that it is just the lower A arm ball joint and just that. So we will see.
It was the tie rod ends and the Hub assbl. It is being replaced at Cycle World. I hope we get to go riding soon !!!!!!!!
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