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i feel dumb posting this..

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well i have a 2002 Foreman ES for my next wheeler, my 350 is slowy dieing and a trip to the parts store every other weekend is a pain. But anyway, the other nite i was looking at the foreman, deciding on which mods will help it in the long run. The first thing that came to mind was PowerMadd Hand gards, so i went on the site and check out the brackets/price and i am sold on them... one problem how do you mount them on the Right side??

thanks guys
happy holidays
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are you referring to the master cylinder and resivoir being in the way? I know my Moose one were preformed to fit perfectly around that stuff and came with a big zip tie to help keep it from flopping
well i looked at the moose ones, and i'd perfer the powermadds. would it be ok to cut that little peice of plastic off?
ok, thanks
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