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this is just a public service Announcement because you know how i love serving the public

from last Sunday till June 1st i think Florida is having that hurricane prepardness no tax holiday( most, if not all of you i assume know this)

but whats really cool is Home Depot is giving you another 7.5% discount on top of that! and if you have a Home Depot card there is no payments and no interest for one year

so anybody looking into buying a generator, hurricane shutters or anything else now is the time.

Im stepping up and buying shutters for my house and figured i would pass along the tip

and no i dont work for Home Depot Trugrit
( i felt the crack coming )
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Man...Deadmullet...You scared me with that posting..I thought you were gonna say " Here one Comes ".. Yea, Good idea on buying things now. Thanks for the info
QUOTE ("deadmullet":20va8u0j)
and no i dont work for Home Depot Trugrit
( i felt the crack coming )

I beleive you can read and write, therefore you are over-qualified to work at most Home Depots.
Not a bad deal for Florida with tax break. Texas does not seem to have anything like this. Is the Home Depot thing local or good in other areas. We don't get as many hurricanes as Florida, but we got blasted this past year directly with Rita. I prepared this past year for the first time with boarding for the windows and generator, however after the storm, windows were good, but everything else was tore up and could not get gasoline for generator for three weeks after the storm. Since storm however, I got a large generator which runs on natural gas and will run my whole house. We lost all services here but natural gas. May be different next time, but with no gasoline, no hotels, no water or other services, may not make a difference. Good luck to all.
lowes got the same deal-I bought a 5500 troy built genny with briggs motor for $645.
Personally. I think that the southern states should ALL offer this deal. The world has just witnesses that it's not just Florida, Georgia, S Carolina that are the ones that deal with these natural disasters.. but everyone. I hope that thoes states that dont offer it, DO... Good luck to everyone this Hurricane season and I hope that EVERYONE fairs good.. I personally have my fingers crossed for everyone. Good luck and will talk soon.. I dont wish anything that I have seen on ANYONE.. Good Luck.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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