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Hurculined my racks and front bumper

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over the last week i have been redoing the racks and bumper on my foreman. i went to a rinoliner shop and the di*k said it would be about $250 to have them do it .so there was no f-in way im spending that much. i had a 1/2 can of hurculiner lefr from my wrangler and scuffed up everything with a scotch bright pad and put 3 coats on . i think it came out pretty good . if anyone wants to do this i have a few tips
1)stir the can every time you dip the brush in the can (all the traction stuff sinks quick)
2)ware gloves (my hands are as black as the ace of spades lol)
3)if you get drips keep wiping them with the brush( my first coat i had a few drips and after thay dried i used a knife to cut them off)
4)work in the hot sun and it dryes in like 2 hours then repete (i did 3 coats on most of the racks but 4 on the front bumper and where my storage sits)
i hope this helps someone ...........RICH

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so Rich, this was done in late 2011, hows it holding up today? i just don't have the money to line x my racks / bumpers. seems like it would be a good project to do since i still have a couple weeks in a foot cast. i got nothin' but time baby!!! :lol: i read all your recommendations at the first, anything else you would add to that list? also, can i sand or wire brush the racks to prep them? ive never heard of a scotch brite pad....
:eek: so 4 coats total on eveything? or 4 on racks and 5 on bumpers?
That's fair.... emg or something has a thread about doing his plastics and he claimed it didn't work so im wondering if this stuff is poor quality or if it was the plastics that were the problem. im not doing any of the plastics, not even the front part that wraps the bumper.

do u think a quart is enough to do both racks, front bumper, 2 aftermarket bumpers and a set of footpegs?
I found the herculiner in town for $35 / quart so i may just brush that on. I googled herculiner vs duplicolor bed armor ( the stuff emtcg911 used on his plastic) and almost all the guys said the duplicolor is very poor quality and scrapes easy. I don't have $350 to linex all 6 pieces I need done.
I sprayed my sons racks and am doing mine this weekend. I used the bedliner in a spray can fro O'reilly Auto Parts and his has held up well for the past year. I also used it on my GA Dog bash plate in my avatar pic. The bash plate has held up well through the mud so far nt it will take more abust than the racks ever will. The key is roughing the racks up with sandpaper and spraying very coats. Spray a coat and wait an hour before spraying another coat. I put 3 coats, it isn't real rough like the Herculiner and I done his with 2 cans for about 25 bucks (sand paper and spray). The good thing is if it does mess up a little you can spray another light coat and it blends in perfectly. Cheap and effective thats how I try to go. I will try to post pics Monday of before and after.
What brand is it?
Rich, u mentioned the biggest issue u have with the herculiner is that it is currently getting dull. Have you tried painting this stuff? I thought I read you could paint it. I also read that armor all will bring the shine back.

Have you tried either method?
When the herculiner cures, is it hard to the touch or does it feel rubberery? Also does it feel sharp?
K man. Thanks for the answers. Just debating wether or not I should do my racks with herculiner.
Hey rich, is this what u used to prep your racks?

Walmart Mobile
Rich,and other folk that have done their own herculiner on racks....i need your opinion....

This rack has been prepped using 220 sandpaper on the bottom half, top hasn't been touched...

this one completely prepped...

are these prepped enough for the herculiner to bond properly?

enough, not enough, too much????
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ok boss....thanks!

Brake clean would work, eh? its alcohol...
some brake kleen leaves a oily film .......go rob the rubbing alcohol from the bathroom .....but dont drink it
so Rich, u being the master of cheap, i have my racks sanded and herculiner ordered. what can i use instead of acetone? i'll probably never need acetone again so i didnt want to buy it. can i use varsol or paint thinner???
alright, here it is! only took me 3 weeks to get my racks done but with a broken heel, things move slow at my house lately :lol: i prepped all racks and bumpers with a combination of wire wheel and 220 grit sandpaper. i also removed the reflectors from the rack. i don't understand why they were on there in the 1st place but anyways. i used varsol paint thinner to clean the racks. i only bought a quart of Herculiner to see how much i needed, glad i didn't buy more than that...i got 5 heavy coats on the racks and front bumper and 6 even heavier coats on the big push bumpers. also, 3 coats on the foot pegs.

after 24 hours of drying it was still a bit soft but after 48 hours, it hardened up nicely. i don't think i could get this stuff off if i wanted to! so bumping bumpers shouldn't be an issue :lol:

Well worth every cent and all time involved... Thanks for all the info Rich. the preparation will make ya or break ya

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Well, not quite sure what to say about this...didn't hold up very long.this was her maiden voyage after being on the racks / bumpers 4 days. My bro's 300 ex stalled under water halfway through the beaver dam and i pushed him back out. he has a DG bumper on the front of his bike and it was in neutral so its not like there was anything sharp between the 2 bumpers. the front bumper of my bike was submerged while i was pushing him i cant see the water making the herculiner weaker...

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