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Hurculined my racks and front bumper

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over the last week i have been redoing the racks and bumper on my foreman. i went to a rinoliner shop and the di*k said it would be about $250 to have them do it .so there was no f-in way im spending that much. i had a 1/2 can of hurculiner lefr from my wrangler and scuffed up everything with a scotch bright pad and put 3 coats on . i think it came out pretty good . if anyone wants to do this i have a few tips
1)stir the can every time you dip the brush in the can (all the traction stuff sinks quick)
2)ware gloves (my hands are as black as the ace of spades lol)
3)if you get drips keep wiping them with the brush( my first coat i had a few drips and after thay dried i used a knife to cut them off)
4)work in the hot sun and it dryes in like 2 hours then repete (i did 3 coats on most of the racks but 4 on the front bumper and where my storage sits)
i hope this helps someone ...........RICH

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I like that, Rich. Looks real good!!
Looks good Rich. Might have to check that out.
looks good rich
looks good Rich. i have some of that stuff left over from a collision job and I think I've
found a place for it
Did mine a year ago. Still holding up and still looks good. Good job.
Was going to repaint the ones one "project rubicon", this looks like a much better idea. I have a can of the spray on stuff left, wonder how that'll turn out.
thanks for the pat on the back guys! went out for a 20+ mile ride today in mud,rocks,trails and lots of water.the racks and bumper held up awsome.when i got stuck in the mud i stood up on the back rack and didn't slip once (even with realy muddy boots ) one of the best things ive ever done to my foreman ! ...also i got pushed from a foreman 400 and the bumpers where thay touched didnt chip or leave a mark !!!!!!!
its looking good dang good rich
That thing looks so pretty now you might not want to take it in the mud !!!! Looks excellent dude!!!!
not a chance dude thats as clean as thay ever will be lol thanks man
Now do you think that will hold traction in that Louisiana peanut butter?? :D hahaha im tinking about doing it to mine too. I have the bedliner spray gun. I do a lot of bed liners for people haha but it does look real nice rich
would that be good for the frame?
i wouldnt do it there are too many nuts that are welded to the frame you would have to take a tap and clean all the threds out !
if it was me i would just prime and paint the frame
so Rich, this was done in late 2011, hows it holding up today? i just don't have the money to line x my racks / bumpers. seems like it would be a good project to do since i still have a couple weeks in a foot cast. i got nothin' but time baby!!! :lol: i read all your recommendations at the first, anything else you would add to that list? also, can i sand or wire brush the racks to prep them? ive never heard of a scotch brite pad....
its holding up great except there the winch cable has rubbed threw from side pulls but all in all im happy .
you can use steel wool, fine sand paper or a wire wheel to scuff up the racks
if i was to do it again i would do 1 more coat ....there are some thin spots i missed
:eek: so 4 coats total on eveything? or 4 on racks and 5 on bumpers?
yea it will work....but i never used it before so ill let others that have used it comment ..
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