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Hunting Season and HMF Utility pipe

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Ok its hunting season in NC...I have a 06 foreman 500 with k/n, 165 jet and hmf utility pipe..tried the quiet core and its still little to loud for my takes...I am going to put the factory pipe back on and change the jet back to stock jet..I did not mess with the carb needle at all....I need to know if the factory jet will work with the stock pipe and the k/n or do I need to keep the 165 jet in there with my snorkel setup....How many turns on the air fuel mixture as well....Any help would be great....There will be no water riding so the snorkel will be down to a minimum height on my honda....So keep the 165 or put the stock back in with the stock honda pipe..any help would be great...
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i'd say you should be fine leaving the larger jet size in your carb. i think my stock size was a 162. just carry an extra plug just in case it fouls out. that would be the worst that would happen.
Ok I found a dealer around here that had a quiet core for the HMF so I am going to try that...Did install it and did quiet it down about half...My question now is I have a snorkel 1.5" to 2" and a 165 jet..about 2 5/8 turns on AF screw...still little backfire should I put the 170 jet in...Here is my setup...Honda foreman 500 snorkel with 2 " pipe....165 jet....k/n and HMF utility pipe...My question is guys with snorkel and hmf are running 165 or 170 jets...Most of the people I hear on the forum are running 165....It is hard to keep checking my plug cause it got stripped so I would like to be about 95% sure on the first or second try...Right now it is not running that well...sucking alot of air in the snorkel...Thinking that I need the 170 jet and set the A/f at 2 1/2 turns..thanks for the help
If you want your Foreman to very quiet , get a Benz Silent Exhaust. I'm running one now, extremely quiet , and the little back pressure aids in torque control going down steep hills. I have ran up on deer numerous times on the trials I ride in N. Ga. Not that big of a deal with deer, but also sneek up on turkey. My buddy I ride with also has a 07 Foreman stock exhuast, as queit as the stock foremans are , you can still tell a big different in noise level with the Benz .. No mods needed , slips on the stock exhuast and attaches to the inner frame. Just my 2 cents.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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