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So after taking my tires off last week so i could buy Rob's claws i noticed that a couple of wheel studs(the thing that the lug nut goes on) were completly shot.
And since i am currently in Orlando i decided to take a ride out to Seminole powersports and see if i can get a new one. Well it turns out Honda only sell's the whole hub and a new bearing

front- $54.51
rear- $39.32
all for a couple of stripped/ground down bolts!!!
and of course they dont have them in stock and with the holidays it would be 5- 10 business days to get

so now i think i am fooked.....anybody got any ideas?
and how hard is it to replace these things? cant be that hard right?
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wait i went done there and i bought the wheel studs seprate because ireplaced 2 on the rubicon already. i did the rear only the hub comes off with one bolt then all the do to is bang the old stud out then bang the new one in with a hammer. Ill take a look at the fronts it should be easy too.
i say try cheaper then SPS (2) 0104-HN2-300 BOLT, WHEEL (10X42) $2.02 $4.04
Type of shipping & handling: Standard Shipping (5-10 days)
I can get them for my 04 Foreman and they shoud be the same size as yours, I found them here at
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... A=119&B=36</a>.
I'd call them and see if you could order it from them. Hope this helps.
i dont know how you got that price i did the same and it was cheaper.
they are different part numbers.....wonderful
wait...if I were you....for 44 bucks each for the front, you can get a whole new hub, with new wheel bearings in it, and the studs, I would do that, are your wheel bearings decent? Or you can buy the studss for 3.72 each.
For the rears you can buy a new hub for 24 bucks.
All priced from service
well i just got off the phone with Honda parts world and apparently he doesnt sell just the stud either, all he has is the whole hub/bearing asssembly.(which he is out of)

from what he and 2 other dealers i called say is that the 05 is different than the 04 and the Rubicons. the guy at Honda parts world told me to call him back in a couple of days when he gets more hub assembly's in stock and he is going to compare the 05's with the older models and see if it is indeed different or if Honda just isnt offering the stud by itself for the 05's yet.

bottom line is this is a now a royal pain in the arse and i am pissed.

just gonna puta zip tie on it and be done
jus get some studs from a honda car or something.
I think I have you beat. I've to the local Ford Dealership 3x's today to pick up one vacuum hose for my wife's car. And they still don't have the right one. The parts guy is still guessing on this next one. I looked as his microfische personally and there no p/n for it that we can find. Our "best guess" is being delivered from Delray Bch tomorrow. All for a $15 part.
i will be in Delray beach tommorrow...what are the odds?

anyway so i just ordered a new rear and front hub from Service Honda, they are by far cheaper than anyplace else. i think i got them for like $40 for the front and 30 something for the rear.

Robb- thanks for the link but it was still the most confusing thing i ever did.
haha, yeah it takes some work to navigate that site.
I still haven't figured out how to find atv stuff on their site.
Its a little tricky at first, but once you do ita coupl etimes it will seem very easy.

1. Click on the "Genuine Honda Parts Finder" Icon in the middle of the page.
2. Then in the colum for ATVs click the red link "Improved..."
3. "Click To Begin"
4. "Connect" Adjust screen size if you need to.
5. Look on the Menu bar for "File", then click "Open Parts Catalog"
6. Then select ATVs and follow the menues until you select your year and model, and it will pull up the microfische.
this is what i sent to Deadmullet last night
once connected, go to File -> Open Parts Catalog -> ATV -> TRX500 ->TRX500FM -> 2005 Fourtrax 4x4 -> Browse the left window, find the parts, double click them on the right window, get the part number, then go to here <a href="" target="_blank"></a> add the part numbers, etc.....
Well i tried that and the "connect" bar never changed color so i wasn't able to get in, glad you all got it figured out though.
Some of my problems(among many) was that i am using Firefox as a browser and it wouldnt let the page load up.

once i was using internet explorer and had all the pop up blockers off it finally let me remote in to their server. once "inside" it was fairly easy except once i clicked on the object i wanted it didnt load it in the "price" window. so i had to write the part # down then go into the price window and type it in.

basically it is a pain in the arse and only computer geeks like Screg and Robb will get it. oh and people with too much free time on their hands...(truegrit)
thats my problem so i go to sent what i need to the cart get the part number then put in the little dodad on
yeah I do that as well sometimes muddin500
Thats a good idea, i'll have to give it a shot. Thanks guys.
QUOTE ("deadmullet":fhl170bp)
basically it is a pain in the arse and only computer geeks like Screg and Robb will get it. oh and people with too much free time on their hands...(truegrit)
I beg your pardon. I have a "full time" job now! And even a prt time gig. I work 50+ hrs a week. Including 3, 12 hrs days per week. Plus School. and my apprenticship program. Too much free time is a thing of the past.

Perhaps I am just smarter than a box of rocks! (Mr. Mullet)
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