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hows the swamplites?

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been thinking about getting 28" swamplites for my 500, but not sure that it will turn them. anyone running these on a foreman 500? how do they pull compared to a outlaw or zilla? what about ride?
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i run them on my 450 and there great, good on the mud and ride like a stock tire at any speed. they clean out pretty good too.
i am also interested in these tires but for stock tire replacements. how do these tires wear?
I have had them on two bikes and they don't wear to good.
i figured they would wear good since they are made by the company that makes vamps but i gess not
QUOTE ("Yellow Mudder":5x49ekw5)
I have had them on two bikes and they don't wear to good.
what are you doing riding them on the road?concrete, asphalt? mine wear great, i am barely showing any tread wear at all, but i ride in the dirt, alot of mud and ocasionally the rock road in front of my house. i would buy them again in a heart beat.
ride ride on mud,dirt,and.....sorry I forgot that I ride on gravel a lot,thats what did it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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