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how's it going

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new member from Swanton, Ohio.My name is Ron..heard about the site and figured I would join up and get some information about my new quad(that i will be purchasing in the near future)

either a KQ, forman or a Rinny. Can't decide.

Well that's all for now guys....NICE SITE keep it up.

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welcome! go with the foreman you will love it.
Welcome, can't go wrong with the foreman.
Welcome, which one are you leaning towards? KQ rinny or foreman
Welcome to the site.
QUOTE ("harry":1f5k3l5t)
Welcome, which one are you leaning towards? KQ rinny or foreman
KQ or Rinny, or maybe the Foreman.

who knows

i like the fact that you can have auto or esp with eithe the KQ or the Rinny(cuz the wife can drive it) but like the semi manual of the forman.

honda needs to wake up and get in gear to make the rinny with a low range, and front locker
Your wife will be able to drive the es with ease, it took one little ride with my wife and she was saying get off I am fine on my own. I do think if it was an s though she would have been turned off and not wanted to ride.
Welcome, get the Foreman!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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