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Howdy Yall! I was looking for some ummmm stock engine parts (wink wink) when I found this site. I'm truly impresses at the collection of knowledge on this site. So much so I just had to join.

My name's Neal and I'm from central Missouri. I just got my Foreman yesterday, it's an 02 500 Foreman Rubicon with 400 hrs and 100 miles on it. In the first day I've got 12 miles on it, pulled hedge trees, and had water over the floorboards! I'm all whoo hoo.

P.S. how well do these transmissions hold up to power upgrades?
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Welcome smokindodge101
Welcome to the site!!
welcome to the site
Welcome smokindodge101!
Welcome Neal!!!
Water to the floorboards, huh???
Well, we'll have to get a snorkle on that thing so you can get water to the headlight pod!!!!!
You might want to post your transmission question under the Rubicon 500 section for an answer, I'm sure you will get a reply!
400 hours and 100 miles? That bike must have been idlein alot
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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