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Howdy from Lumberton, TX!

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Hi i'm Clayton from Lumberton, TX. (Hi Clayton) And I am an ATV- aholic. My wife bought me a Rubicon for Christmas. This is my first one so I'm eager to learn about it!. Thanks in advance for everyone's help!
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Welcome to the forum!

Don't worry, we're all atv-aholic's of some kind here.

Your a lucky man mrmanzer to have your wife buy you a Rubicon for Xmas, you hold on to her!
You got a good woman, gitting you a 4~wheeler and all !! Hope you injoy
you atv and welcome to the site!!!
Welcome mrmanzer
Welcome to the site

Welcome to!!!!!!
Sounds like my wife? Where did you say you were from. J/K Gotta love them women that support our insanity
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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