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Hi guys, wondering about the fan on my quad, I’ve read all the other tips and tricks suggested here and I have a question I couldn’t find an answer for, here’s what I have happening, ... fan not turning on,

So I’ve done the blue wire short, and last season that did do the trick, this season now it doesn’t do the trick, so the only thing that changed is I replaced the ignition because it was a cheapie and only
Lasted a season, new cheapie ignition and I believe it was wired when built wrong, because when in the off position the key won’t remove and when in on position the key will remove but it’s on, so that being said the keys stay in it lol, so I didn’t know if this maybe had some correlation with my issue, anyways, when I do the blue wire ground shortcut from temp sensor it just make sure a click sound, so I then found the fan positive n negative wires, and tested that, the fan runs so I know my fan is ok

Next I assume is the fan control box. This is where I need help, can I bypass it how do I test it what are my options before I just buy new one, I’m hoping to be 100% that that’s the issue.
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