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how to re jet

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sorry i tried the search. i ordered the power kit w/ the penland pro. can anyone help me w/ rejetting my carb please
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anyone have a shop manual? something?tttt
well the guy from atvoutfitters said he thinks i need a 170 jet w/ the exhaust and my snorkle. what do you guys think?
That sounds about right. Stock is a 165 snd one bigger should do it. I have the hmf pipe and put the new jet in and voila. I tried to adjust the air fuel screw, which is brass, and it started to strip on me. So I left it alone and it runs awsome. Just a hint. Take out the spark arrestor if it has one. It may get clogged with dirt which really holds back your performance.
i cant wait to feel tha powah
Depending on where you live determines what stock jet you have. If you live in the south, i'm in TN, then your stock jet is a 162. If you order the kit from atvoutfitters, I got mine there, it should come with 3 oem jets. The instructions said for me to use the 170 but I ended up using the 165, the 170 was too rich, but I am at least one size bigger that stock.
ok so i got the utility instead. now am i crazy or missing something? the hmf pipe and the stock piece going to the cyl. are the same size! it seems the hmf is supposed to fit into the stock piece but i cant figure it out. am i missing a coupling or something? all the kit came w/ was what i guess is the "t" bolt clamp i am mad as @#$ please tell me something
Roll up your sleeves and give it a shove. Old pipe went over the manifold side and the new hmf goes inside. Mine was tight and I think I had to pull out on the manifold pipe a bit while I pushed in the muffler. A rubber hammer and a little lube will help too.
lube and a mallet did the trick!! sounds like a beast now. thanks
well i got my exhaust on ,but i havent changed the jet yet. it seems to run fine like it is. it even idles better than before. do i run the risk of hurting anything if i dont change it?by the way, it's the utlity series w/ a k&n
it'll run too lean if you don't rejet. the bike may seem fine but you'll burn the engine. go to at least a 165 no more than 170.
whats the stock size jet? i think all i got was a 170 w/ my exhaust
depending on where you live, close to sea level, a 170 may work. i had to use a 165 with a stock air filter. i think a 162 is stock, at least in my area.
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