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How to jet with hmf and K&N on 500

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put on my hmf on my 500 foreman last night and it sounds great(it has the quiet coer in it) . Im getting my dyno jet kit and my K&N today and need to know what the mixture is on the jet kit. I know it wont be exact for my machine but what will get me close to where I need to be. Also when I put on my pipe theres a clamp that goes over both pipes, I wasnt paying attention when I took it off and now it wont close all the way. Whats up with that, once it is tightened all of the way its not even snug on the pipe. Am I mssing a spacer or does it go somewhere else. And I am assuming that the heat shields cant go on the new pipe right, does that cause any problems? Sorry for all the questions but please help.
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With your setup, I would try the 170 jet, that should get you a good tune.
Are you using the clamp that came with the HMF?
And yes you do not need the factory heatshields, no ill effects from that either.
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