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how to adjust the valves????

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hi all,
I am newbie to this site, i own an 04 rubicon and i NEED to adjust the valves. Well.. what can i say.. i'm cheeep.. so i am gonna try to do it myself.
Can anyone tell me how to do it? or give me an idea on where to start? I have ordered my shop manual, but my buddies and i are gonna go on a trip this weekend. The manual will not be here in time to do the deed.
SOOO.. if anyone can kinda walk me through it.. or point me in the right direction.. i would be one happy camper!
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You really need the manual so it can tell you exactly what body panles to take off. And how to line up for Top dead center (TDC). It would take a long post to walk you through it.
i was kinda guessing i would need a manual. I was HOPING it was a simple process...sounds like it isn't? Is there a website to show this while i wait for my manual?
It is not hard, But it tells you which panels and in what order to take things apart soyou can access the valve caps and get it back together. With the book it took me 1 hour. I do not know of a web site with the procedure but it is out there I am sure
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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