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how much

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how much does a new pair of bi tri claws cost and how good do they do in the mud. how does gators do in the muc. i had outlaws but kind not afford to keep my wheeler in good runing condition with them on there. so now im looking for some mud tires that want mess my bike up.
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a person i ride with got his claws off ebay for $315.00, i think that is a pretty good price for claws. they go real good im mud and when you gass it you are going to get covered. i have gators on my old 300 and they do pretty good in the mud, but i have found out that they wear fast when rode on the rode.
what size laws and ya still got em
i had 28" but i sold them. thanks for the replys
i have a set of claws. i think i gave about $420 for them. ive hit the worst mud holes that i can find and theyve never let me down. they will run the mud with the best of them and do good on the trails too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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