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How much valve "tick" should you hear?

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Got a question here for you guys that have adjusted your valves. I've adjusted mine to speck according to my Honda manual and I still hear slight ticking sound comming from the top end. I double, triple, quadruple checked the clearance. I even did it a 5th time just to make sure. The " tick " sound kind a comes and goes. Its not a loud tick, but its annoying. Is some valve tick normal? I'm tired of pulling everything apart. Starting to wonder if I may need new valves. Thanks for any help.[/b]
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Some valve tick is jus the way it is. Most Hondas from cars to bikes have that valve tick. Ive been messing with the Honda cars for so long Ive grown used to it, and now with the Honda ATVs the same way. I think I would miss it if it was gone.
But as long as you adjusted the valves to spec with the motor at TDC, then dont worry about a little noise, its normal.
Hello BAndit 1,

I was also worried about the noise, I have a 2005 foreman 500s with
only 80km on it and from cold to a bit hot there's a slite difference, the
guys a the shop told me that the valve inspection was only need to be check at 400km, and also that all honda's are a bit valve noisy, some others Honda Mechanic told me that if their on the spec inspection and still a bit noisy, leave it like it and they will eventualy sit at their place. Sometime it's the clutch basket that you hear thicking.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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