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how much to sell for?

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I have an '01 Honda Recon with a 2" HL lift and 24" mud bugs on the rear and 24" mud lights on the front. Also have stock wheels and tires for the rear and stock tires for the front. K&N is only other thing added.

Any ideas? I was thinking around $1300-1400???
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I saw a 2000 recon last summer with a price of $2000 on it , and it was beat on, I thought they were crazy, went be there a couple weeks latter and it was gone. I will never know the price they got but that is where they started.
That's good to hear. Anyone else?
I don't know what they go for, but you probably wont have much of a problem selling it, people are always on the lookout for them for their kids and stuff.

I would say put it up for $1500 an see what kind of response you get.
1300 i might be interested
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