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how much psi for sand??

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how much psi should i put in my mudlites for sand? goin to sand dunes 2morrow and was needing to know. thanx
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if anyone knows it would be helpful...thanx
whatever psi you run in them there goina dig you to China..
i'd say 3-4, i wouldent go any lower.
thanx ill try that
******* Bogger
Have you ever tried running them backwards in the sand? I'm gonna try the Superlights (same tread as mudlites) backwards in the snow. They look like the tread will act closer to a paddle tire and not clear as much if run this way. Might not make any difference but you can just switch sides with the tires. Real easy to try. I won't see any sand for a couple of months at least but might make a diff in the snow.
I run 4 in mine and ride in sand alot and have no problems with my gators.
H4: i have never tried running them backwards in the sand. i prolly wont be able to try it 2morrow but maybe next weekend. if i do ill let u know how they do.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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