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How much power is in your foreman? What mods do you have?

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I have a 06 500 foreman S. The mods that I have so far are 27" ITP 589's, 2" lift kit, 2000lbs. winch. I am saving up for the snorkle kit from triangle atv, jet and pipe kit (HMF) from atvoutfitters, 1.5" spacers, gearless lockers, and some accesories later. What are somw other good things that go good for power and accesories for the 500 foreman S???
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save your money on the snorkle and put it towards your hmf system. for under $30, you can buy supplies from lowes for a snorkle.
what jet kit did you use? Did you notice a big difference in power with that and the pipe?
i used the the jet only kit that came with my pipe. i have since got a dynojet kit and k&n filter. ill put these on as soon as i decide if i am going to change out the pipe. yes i noticed a big difference once i added the pipe and jet.
I was there I can vouch haha
Get the power kit (k&n, hmf and jetkit) and you will notice a big power difference.
he wants more. he posted a new thread w/o trying a pipe and kit.
Just got my power kit from I am going to put it on saturday. I am also doing a big oil cooler with a 10" fan, ngk iridium spark plug, and my DGL came in also but I might hold off on that. I will have pics
how long did the kit take to come in? was atvoutfitters good to deal with
They were real good. They gave me a tracking number and customer service was great. I order the kit on tuesday and it was at my house on friday. I called to ask a question and no one was their I didn't leave a message and they called me back just because the number was on the caller ID. I really like and the price is really good.
2/10/07 mods on so far!
More mods
Sweet!!! Robb should put this in the how to tread!
How much more does the stock exaust weigh compared to the hmf?
More pics
The stock weighs alot more then the HMF atlest by a pound or two. The HMF is like swinging a basball bat and the stock is like swinging a sledge hammer!
Makes a lot of room too!
what kind of filter is that?
have you checked out the Ricochet skids yet?
I have eric and think I like them.
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