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how much power did u lose. and top speed now

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how much power did u guys lose with 26 mudlites. and wats your top speed now.. thanks adam h
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I don't have mudlites but when I put on my gators I noticed some loss, can't really say how much, but some.
ya i was goin acrossed a bean feild and it was like boggin down alittle but the field was a little mud.. o well at least i got mud tires now..
I put on 27" Swamplites, I lost some, but then clipped my carb spring and added a K&N pretty good now. I think my top speed is 51 MPH and I weigh 250lbs (that probably slows me down a bit).
ya i bet my top speed is close to that im 200 lbs..
I have 26" Mudlites. On open flat road I got mine up to 54 mph. I weigh 240lbs.
i got the foreman up 2 56 so i guess i didnt lose that much.. but i might have to buy a pipe still...
Used a GPS today to clock top speed of 46.7 mph with only 2 psi in 27" Super Lights. I think that my top speed with the 25" Bearclaws was around 45 mph.
i got 27 outlaws and my top speed is 55 mph
It is all scary when u get around 50 mph when your only riding on spikes from the mudlite tires.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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