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how much play dose your have?

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just wondering if im going crazy or if ther is a real prob! my bike has a lot of play in the steering wheel about 3/4 to a inch before wheels move ,tie rods look good and handle bars are tihgt ,dose anyone elses have play?
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at the end of the steering shaft there is a nut take it off puts some lac-tight on it and tihgten it back up
i have alittle play in mine but i would check your tie rods and make sure that they are nice and tight........ went out one time and the nut on the bottom of the tire rod had fallen off and it had alot of play lol
3/4" is pretty excessive especially for an '06. You definitely need to tighten it up, as mentioned above. Or if you still have warranty, let the dealer take care of it.
It will be the nut on the end of the steering shaft, as mentioned above, had the same problem with mine and that fixed it right up.
^^^^^ yep, what he said.
can we get a pic of this? i have an 07 i bought end nov. 06 and i have a little play in mine too. i was ridin last weekend and a guy told me its my bearings in the steering shaft... i called dealership and they told me it might not be covered under warrenty. i'd like to fix it myself if it as easy as tightening a nut rather than paying the $60 they will charge me.
any pics would be great! thanks
Just stand your bike on its rear end and look at the end of the steering shaft that nut at the end is the one to tighten.
thanks guys ill try that tonight
,just tight it up thats it easy i let u know how she goes thanks again
awesome guys ,just tighten that nut worked like a charm sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! going to ripping up the mud hole this weekend
i just tightened mine up and everything is back to normal now. HOW DO YOU GUYS KNOW SO MUCH!?!! haha thanks
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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