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How much extra stress from a lift kit?

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Hi, I have an '04 Honda Foreman 450 ES. Everything is stock except for a set of 26" ITP 589's on type 4 wheels. I really love the aggresiveness of these tires and would like to add a Hi Lifter 2" lift kit but I am unsure of how much extra stress this would add. I do mostly trail riding with very little mudding and I baby my Quad, so I dont want to be replacing axles or anything. I am sure that adding the lift will add some extra stress but I need to know just how much stress. Thanks...
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The HL 2'' lift kit does add stress to your drivetrain. It really depends on how hard you are on it. You could be problem free like a lot of folks that have them for years to come or you could have several thousands of dollars in problems like I did with breaking the rear joint and bending the output shaft which is snugged at the very bottom of the motor.

Front axles. Easy fix, buy some Gorilla axles or have yours rebuilt after/ if they ever break a cage.

Rear U-joint. Sometimes you can get lucky and just the joint will break and not slap around and bend the output shaft. If it doesnt then another joint is $120-140 and your in good shape again. Good luck!
yea i had to replace the final driven shaft also and it sucks, but i did all the work myself so it wasn't very expensive. but if you had to put in the shop, i can just imagine what it would cost.
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