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how much do i need?

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i am almost done snorkeling my rubi and all i have to do now is snorkel all my vents. can you all tell me what vents need to snorkel. i am thinking i need the carb,both diff's,breaks,and radiator. am i missing anything? roughly how much tubing will i need? i am planning to T them all into one hose. also i am not running them clear up the snorkel like most people do they will be routed up under my top headlight pod. if possible reply ASAP.
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DO NOT VENT THE CARB WITH THE OTHER VENTS! (creates a vacum) Run the carb vent seperately. You also need to vent the rad. fan. You shouldnt need too much hose as eveything gets vented into the frame under the front rack anyway (on a 450 anyway) Id say no more than 5ft is needed, I used regular automotive vacum tube with T fittings. Also reroute your crankcase breather, get some longer hose for that and wrap it up over the carb a coupke times then down to the crankcase. Make sure you run a bead of silicone around the snorkle going into the airbox, also run a bead around the lip of the AB cover and let setup before putting back on (creates a gasket for water tight seal) and allows you to remove it with no problems. Look in my pics for more info on water proofing.
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