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How many Vent Lines on the fan?

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I read on one of the post that the fan on the Foreman 500 had 2 vent lines. I have a pdf manual, but it is only showing one vent line. Am I just looking in the wrong spot or is there more than just the one vent line leaving the middle of the back of the fan?
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only one that I know of.
just one on the fan there is two that you need to run on the carb
one for the fan its the pink hose
Yeah it is pinkish in color. What the crap, I wonder why someone said that. I was freaking out becasue I could not find it and then when I looked in the manual last night and it didn't show I was like what the deuce? Cool, good to hear, I have already ran all the others!
48fan, yeah i read the same post and was currious to taht because i coudl only find one to. well that clears it up then sweet

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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