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How many miles on your BBK? Stroker?

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I have been thinking about doing a BBK on my 500. The BBK for the 450 has been out a lot longer so I figured this is the forum to find out how reliable they are. I have searched for a few days for info, but there is nothing like hearing it from the guys that have done it. So how are the strokers holding up?? How about he Big bore kits?
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My stroker is running great but I've only put 50 miles on it since I did it.
That is one bada$$ looking 450 ^^^^
looks even better in person.
Thanks guys. I'll still order ya a nut dirty if ya want it. You were definatly a lifesaver out there. Thanks again.
lol i got about 50 miles out of my 475 b4 it startin smokin again but i think that cause it had some dirt in the engine but im rebuildin the whole thing this time and makin it a 550 stroker
That ought to be a monster! Hope it is a little more reliable than the last. I am still on the fence, but am still leaning toward doing atleast an .050 overbore with an increase in compression as a start. Thanks for the experiences.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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