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how mad would you be ?

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i just wanted to share this story with you guys . on sat 11/3/2007 my dad went to get his new fourwheeler a artic cat 650 hi the two seater one (which in my opinon buy a artic cat was a mistake). so he buys it loads it up and takes it home. he unloads it at this point it has 10 miles on it he road it around the field around his house and gose to put it in the building and he hears the starter still running he turns off the key it's still going, hits the kill switch still going starts to see smoke coming out of the motor he was in the process of pulling the motor side panels off when the battery went dead . got the panel off the starter was smoking it melted the carb vent lines it only has 15miles on it
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I would burn down the ac dealership and and leave that fourwheeler in the parking lot

One of my buddies bought a new 700EFI AC and within 150miles he was backing out of a mud hole and the reverse gear broke off and shot into the motor cranking the block!!
i have had 4 brand new atv's in my life a recon , rancher , foreman, and a warrior. i have never had any real trouble with any of them. my queston is would you even want the bike back only have 15miles on it
I've never met someone with an Arctic Cat that was happy they were paying for it. I/ve met one guy that had EVERYTHING done to the thing you could possably buy for it and the first words out of his mouth were "Don't buy a Cat!".

They have great power and look beefy but so does a Ford. I think that says enough.
now days every brand has problems, some more than others. we have two cats that ride with us, an 06 500m and an 07 650,

the 500 impresses me every times we go riding, now the 650 is a different story, it has had problems from day one.
They have great power and look beefy but so does a Ford. I think that says enough.[/quote]

LOL.... hate to knock others..... but that is funny.
I think the only one worth buying is the 500
ok so i took the cat back to the dealer they replaced the starter silonoid ( i have no idea how to spell it ) which was the whole problem according to them they also put a new battery, starter,and carb vent cable which was melter to the starter. i took it to my dads and took it for a little ride it not that bad of a bike the only thing i hate is the one lever braking . but it starts and there is no smoke coming out of it
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