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How Long is Too Long....

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How long can I leave my quad without starting it without the battery dying or becoming extremely undercharged? I have to go away for 2 weeks and won't be able to have my bike started. Is there anything else I need to do to prepare for a short vacation? How long can I safely leave her?

Thanks ALL.
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As long as there is no continuios drain on the batery I see no problem with it being left for a couple of weeks. I would turn off the fuel as a precation but other than that it should be fine. If you are overly concerned you can purchase a batery maintainer and it will keep your batery like new. But those are more for extended periods (months).
i wont hurt it leaving it for 2 weeks, the battery wont drain that much if at all. if it is a concern you could always just disconect it
mine sets for a couple weeks at a time due to my work it always starts fine
Mine sat for most of Jan and Feb, it started just fine!

Thanks for the replys
I bought some battery tenders from harbor freight for $6. They are just a small box you plug into the outlet and small gator clips for pos and neg battery terminals. It charges it when it needs more juice. I have one on my motorcycle, lawnmower and my foreman. i've never needed it regularly, but over the winter it keeps the mower and bike charged for spring.
I will have to check one of those out. I don't usually leave my bike for long periods of time, but when I have to I like to have a back up plan. Thanks for the info.
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