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How long does it take to install....

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Alright, should finally get the perfex long travel suspension kit in tommorow night and am going to go pick up my foreman from the shop friday morning at 9 am. We are planning on leaving for WV around 11:30 am. for two days of trail riding. I know the kit is a simple bolt on and pretty much know how to install it, just curious about how long it takes to install as I have a limited window to put it on before we go on our trip. I was figuring it would take about 30-45 minutes. If it takes longer than 1 hour, I'll probrably just take it with me and put it on while I'm up there.
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30-45 mins is all you SHOULD need. Very simple install.
Thanks, that's what I was hoping.
if your like me at all and you only have an hour to install it something will go wrong and it will take longer but it is pretty easy to put on
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