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How Long Do Cv Boots Last?

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how long should cv boots last , because we changed the inner cv boots on the front end 2 years afgo and they are starting to get cracks , we' ve never had to change the outter cv boots and they look pretty mint still. is there any thing i could put ont the cv boots at night or every once in a while to keep boots from drying out and cracking?
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That's not to bad, but if you wipe them down with some type of lubricant or grease from time to time they will last alittle longer. the oil will keep the rubber soft and doesn't let the rubber dry out.
Thanks for the tips.

we buy just ordinary after market boots, is the a high er quality boot that u can get , that is stronger and last longer?
I use the Wild Boar CV boot kits, they are thicker than the oem boots. I get them from a local vendor. I pay around $12-15 for the kits. The kit includes the boot, grease and bands.
Nice. Well maybe ill try that brand out .

Thank you
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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