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How important is the 100 Mile Valve Adjustment

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I was wondering how important the 100 mile valve adjustment is. I called one dealership and they told me not to worry about it until I hit about 500 miles on it. They said they normally will not need to be adjusted at 100 miles unless I hear it ticking. What do you guys feel?
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i did mine at 500 miles. then at 1500 then 3000
I have also been told to do this with the first oil change at 100 miles.
I spoke to a mechanic at the dealer I purchased mine, he said if you are not hearing a ticking noise or the machine is not shaking abnormally then it does not need to be adjusted. He told me his personal foreman 500 with 1500 miles has never had the valves adjusted. He said 90% of the time they never need adjusting unless something is wearing or comes out of adjustment. However, I would like other Honda Mechanics to voice their opinion on this statement.
I have 1000 miles on my 05 and the valves have never needed adjustment you will hear a slight tinging if they are off
if you dont hear ticking then you are fine. i have 500 on my brute force and its still fine. once it starts ticking then you need to adjust them.
I concur with Dr. Mudder.

I don't think that a second opinion would be needed in this case.
if the valves DO need to be adjusted could it possible make the bike smoke?
When would you here the ticking noise? What would it sound like? I have a friend with 4K on his rancher and has never had the valves adjusted
Not to say some don`t need adjustment but every Honda mechanici here says the same thing, no ticking, don`t bother,.
I had mine in for valve adj. at 500 and 1000 and they were both still at .006, factory spec.
QUOTE ("bulldogbozo":g7myatni)
if the valves DO need to be adjusted could it possible make the bike smoke?
no it could not make the bike smoke beaocuse you would have a bunch of extra play with the rocker arms or the cap covers making the valves be closed and not opeing enough for full power but what could do that if you do not get you valves ajusted from a long periord of time carbon will build up on the valves and prevent the valves from closeing fully which means time for a valve job.
You guys are just lazy. I think it is important to check the valve adjustment. I did mine at 100 miles, and I do it every other oilchange just because I can. It isn't that hard to do. While I am in there I clean out the air filter, remove the battery and clean out the battery box and clean the connections. Check all the fuel lines and vent lines for leaks cracks etc. I usuallly check the fluids in the front and rear differentials, and the brakes and bearings at the same time. I check the CV boots after every ride, along with the engine oil, and the cables. Maintenance is what gets you there, and back. For what its worth, often I find the valves are a little out of spec, and they are not ticking yet.

Once a year all of the connections get inspected, cleaned and coated with dielectric grease. So far I have never had any sort of problem.
(I had mine in for valve adj. at 500 and 1000 and they were both still at .006, factory spec.)

I did check them. No Adjustment was nesessary. Still at factory spec.

i have had mine done once, but i am getting a tapping noise from the engine and want to check the valves anyway...

what do i need to do that and how to i check them/adjust them?
lookn in the how to section good directions. thay worked great for me
any help howdo u adjust them
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