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how hard is it to put a 475 in the foreman

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ok i jus ordered my 475 kit from highlifter and was wonderin how hard it is to put in?? i have takin everything apart on my foreman exept the engine. i have had it down to bare frame before and i got a shop manual. i got all the normal sockets and wrenches and stuff, is their any special tools im gonna need or any thing i gonna need to know before i take the engine apart. also what do i tell the people at the machine shop to bore the cylinder to, do i jus say make it 475 or somethin??
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id like to know the same thing thinking about this kit for the foreman as well tell me how ya like it after ya get it in
first thing is you need to get a manual or borrow one, this will tell you step by step on tear down and reinstallation.

I would assume the paperwork with the kit should have all the spec. needed. Any reputable Machinist should know what needs to be done, if not just call HL.

No special tools are needed to take the topend loose. You will need to remove the 2 head bolts from the jug before going to the shop, most places will charge to take out and reinstall them.

A torque wrench will be needed to put everything back together. Just remember that you are working with alum. not steel, so be carefull.
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