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How good?

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how good are Bi/Tri-Claws ? i ride in mudd that has no bottom and my outlaws did the job, so will these?
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yes they will do great in those situations!!! Very good tire. But not quite as strong as the outlaws.
Let Robb rephrase that...they arent as strong as the 29.5 outlaws. 27" to 27" i dont think the outlaw's will take you anywhere the claws wont.
I put bi/tri claws on mine and have been very pleased. The tires are heavy, but they ride great on hard pack. I purchased mine after a recommendation from Robb. I haven't tried it yet but i believe he said that with more air pressure, you can increase the diameter to around 28 inches. I highly recommend them.
the claws do great everywere. you will be happy with them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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