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How does this sound?

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I am thinking about getting some of the Swamplites with the black alloy ITP wheels. I believe they are 10in all the way around. Will these do ok in trail riding every now and then, but mostly mud?

Also, is there anywhere cheaper than buying tires from the Honda shop? They want $650 for that setup and $750 for mudlites with polished alloy wheels.
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if ur gonna be ridin mostly mud swamp lites are not very good they clog up when in the thick stuff and jus dig down when in sand, if u want a better deal you could look for used ones that people are selling online but if ur dead set on swamp lites they will do good for a litlle trail riding and mostly mud
So the swamplites will clog in heavy mud? I need to stick with the mudlites eh? Either was fine with me, just wondering what people think is best.
If you want a good deal on tires then go to and look for Matthews phone number, he will hook you up. He always has the best prices, and he carries stuff that he doesn't have on the website yet.
I got my swamplites and ITP wheels from extreme outdoor products.(<a href="" target="_blank"> ... +Lite+Kits</a>). 26 inch mounted and delivered to my door for $569. I really like the swamplites for the type of riding that I do. I don't do any hardcore mudding, so they work well for me. I've ridden with people that have mudlites and they seem to work just as good if not better. If you're wanting a pretty good all around tire, they should do just fine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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