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How do you start your 500 Foremans on a cold engine??

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I know that it sounds crazy but how do you guys start your quads on a 75-80 degree day for the first time or on a cold engine that has been sitting for 2-3 hours? Do you pull out the choke or not? Or do you just give it a little throttle with the choke in to start it? Does it always crank on the first cycle with the choke out? Or do you have to crank it a couple of times? The reason i'm asking is that is just got a new 07 foreman and it's seems a little touchy when i'm starting it on a cold engine. It's been between 75-80 degrees here. I tried it with the choke out but it won't crank on the first try but it fires up on the second crank with the choke out. I haven't tried it with the choke in and just a little throttle to start it yet. On my old foreman I would use the choke everytime and it would crank right up the first time. This new quad only has 4 miles on it. Will it get better when it gets broken in a little more? The dealer told me that it should start running really well after I run 1 tank of gas through it. What do you guys think? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
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60 degrees and above, 1st crank no choke everytime. if i forget to turn gas back on if i ran it out then i have to wait for the 2nd crank.
Do you hold the throttle a little open? Or do you pump it 1 or 2 times and then hold it open? Thanks for the reply
never really thought about it. probably pump it a couple of times after it starts.
I hold mine about half throttle until it fires and then I just feather it till it warms up. My choke always opens back up by itself and I get tired of holding it so I don't use it.
Fuel injected?

Aren't the 07' fuel injected now? Or can you still get them with a carb?
The 07's are not FI they still have a carb.
I pumped the throttle a couple of times held it half way and it cranked right up. Thanks again. When do you guys normally use your chokes?
I see your from arkansas,

In northeren ontario, Canada. We need them for the winter, when its -20
I use full choke below o c and 1/2 choke above that and starts good every time . I push the choke off after a couple of minutes so the gas dosent wash down the cylinder walls. Hey swamprat just tighten the small nut under the choke boot to get it working properly again .
thanks for that tip!
Ok I went out today and tried to start my quad with the choke on and it wouldn't start at all. Shouldn't it start with the choke full on? I just pulled out the choke and tried to start it. It acted like it wanted to crank over but never would. Could the idle speed be set to low for it to crank with the choke? When I pushed in the throttle a couple of times to give it a little gas and held it about a 1/4 of the way open it started right up. Then it let go and it died so I tried using the choke and then it acted right by up speeding the engine then I put the choke down and it ran fine. My question is my old foreman would crank up every time when I used the choke. What do you guys think
my foreman hasn't been started in 3 weeks. i changed the jet again and installed the rest of the dyno jet kit, then put it back together and back on bike. i pushed the primer button 3 or 4 times and it fired right up first time. no choke, no throttle, no nuttin. no problems here.
Is that how you are suppose to start them? I see the primer button. I just went back out to try and start it with the choke full out and I had no luck at all. The only way I can get it to start is to hold the throttle in a little and crank it. Then it starts right up. I just always told that it should crank right up with the choke out. What do you think?
the only time i hit the primer is if i've run all the gas out the carb and line. the carb was completely taken apart and no gas was in it. as long as you can get it started ok when its cold and not burning the starter up you should be fine. it'll start better when it warms up.
Mine has 15 miles on it and at first it wouldnt stay running, I idled the carb a little and its fine now
If mine sits for more than a few days I'll just pump the primer 3 times right awaybefore I even attempt to start it.If I don't do that then it cranks for ever before firing.
Thanks guys I think that I might have it under control. I appreciate all the input on this subject.
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