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How do you clean your atv?

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How does everyone clean their bikes?

1. rinse off the bulk and loose stuff.
2. Formula 88 diluted to 40%with water, spray it all over the bike top to bottom.
3. wait a minute after covering the bike
4. Rinse it all off. No rubbing needed ever.
5. Use a leaf blower to dry most of the water, towel dry the rest.
6. Finish 2000 wax after a couple rides, helps the mud slide off.
7. I coat the underside of my bike (plastics) w/ Mud Release and Silicone/WD-40 spray (everything else) before every ride.
8. I also use Silicone tire dressing foam on tires and plastic as well.

Is that too anal?
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First off I pre soak and was off all the big mud. Let dry for awhile then spray it down with Mean Green and let it sit for a few minutes then wipe down with a wet wash cloth then rinse it off with water. When it dries i spray it down with Armour All. Takes a little while to get one cleaned back up but looks good when you get done.
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