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How do you clean your atv?

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How does everyone clean their bikes?

1. rinse off the bulk and loose stuff.
2. Formula 88 diluted to 40%with water, spray it all over the bike top to bottom.
3. wait a minute after covering the bike
4. Rinse it all off. No rubbing needed ever.
5. Use a leaf blower to dry most of the water, towel dry the rest.
6. Finish 2000 wax after a couple rides, helps the mud slide off.
7. I coat the underside of my bike (plastics) w/ Mud Release and Silicone/WD-40 spray (everything else) before every ride.
8. I also use Silicone tire dressing foam on tires and plastic as well.

Is that too anal?
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Hmmmm, mines been clean for 2 weeks now and it's been crying for just as long..........i think it wants to go riding or something??
I bet you buy that stuff by the gallon huh Railroader.......LOL!! J/K, I tkae our machines to the car wash and use their high pressure guns for knocking the hard crusty dirt off then hit with the scrub brush, rinse and wax afterwards. The Foreman won't get dirty again until spring unless we get some warm weather like we had this week. The Rancher stays parked in the garage where it's nice and warm.
Mine stays in the garage too, except for when we get snow and i have to plow the today!!
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