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how do you adjust pilot?

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I recently snorkeled my 500, and after warming up, there of course was lean pop. I searched this forum as well as others and cant seem to locate where to adjust the pilot screw. I think I found it, on the engine side of the slide, a little brass head that is in the shape of a circle, with a notch in the side. Is this it? I have a service manual on order, but cant wait. Is there a different needle available for the keihin...mine dosnt have any extra notches to adjust the clip. The engine is lean all over, in all RPM's, so how am I supposed to adjust the mid? Thanks in advance.
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You found the air/fuel mix ajustment... Sounds like you need a jet kit.. the kit will fix your lean problems and includes a tool for ajusting the air/fuel mix...
thanks for that...I've been waiting for a answer. I was wondering about a tool or whatever was needed and you answered that. I am only now wondering if I should have ordered the other brand.....I got a Moose, and probably should have ordered the other one that every one gets. (cant remember name). My dealer was absolutly no help, only this forum as well as others have helped. thanks
i believe the only kit that has a tool to adjust the screw is a dynojet kit. there is another way to adjust without the tool. use a pair of needle nose pliers and take the screw out all the way. once it's out use a dremel tool and cut a notch across, big enough for a screwdriver, and put it back in. it'll get the job done.
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