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how do Kenda Executioner

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how do and how long to kenda executioner last on payment and gravel... and how do they do in mud....
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mud =great , street not good. like all atv tires very soft. i think they are better then a 589 and are cheaper. i can get you a great deal on them .or any tire/rim. PM me
the dig dig and dig some more in the mud. awesome tire tho
i had 27's and i loved them. i thought they did good everywere and even wore good. they may not be as good as outlaws in the mud but i could hang around with bi/tri claws with no problem.
Awesome tire in the mud and snow.I don't agree that they're soft.I don't have many miles on mine yet,but they seem like a hard tire and so far no noticeable wear.They run a little short,my 26" are actually 25".With steel ITP wheels they 35 lbs. each.My 500 has no problem turning them.
picture test.Figuring out how the new camera works. Here's a pic of the 26x10 executioners.
Them look good, are they 10's on the back too?
Yeah,I went with 26x10's front and rear.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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