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how do i extend the life of bearings

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thnx for all yalls help with the oil out of the vents, very helpful while i was messing with that i jacked the rear and my left tire bearings where shot and it seems like just a few months ago i had replaced the exact same one My front wheel bearings are even worse, ive replaced 3 on the same front wheel within just a few months of each other. I know that bearings are real ware prone since the front bearings arent sealed, but is there anyway to extend the life of the bearings. My 4 wheeler driving is this- mudridin, swamps, creeks, and occaisional rock climbing up old creek beds. Is there any tricks of the trade to extend the life of bearings without dramastiacally changing the way i drive it?
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Basically you have to stay out of the mud, water, & swamps, & have no fun, OR you can get some sealed bearings. They seem to last longer. Just because their sealed doesn't mean that they will not go out, but will hold up against the "elements" longer. Good luck.
yeah you pay to play, get some sealed bearings. That will give you a little more life in your bearings. You know the mud and water is worth it. I wouldn't have it any other way
What kind of tires are you running, they seem to have an effect on bearing life.

any one know what kind of sealed bearings are the ones to get? im having the same problem with bearings. thanks in advance
get the highlifter sealed bearings, i just got mine in today. i think they will withstand the elements the most
I have been ridin' in the worst stuff possible for bearings for the past few years. Water, sand, mud, sandy water, you name it. The bearings seem to be in great shape so far. No wobbly wheels or anything yet. I wonder how long they will last if I keep ridin' in the same stuff? I know they can't hold out forever. What is the first signs of the bearings goin' out?
Jack the tire off the ground. Grab the tire a 12 & 6 o'clock, then wiggle it back and forth.
No wobbles .
By the way, where is another place besides Highlifter to get sealed bearings? Sometimes it pays to shop around. Is there another brand besides the Highlifter sealed bearings? If so, are they as good?
I just put on a set of sealed bearings from HL. They did not come with the outside seals.
QUOTE ("ForemanDan":4fa2mqir)
I just put on a set of sealed bearings from HL. They did not come with the outside seals.
I thought they were supposed to come with inner & outer seals?. Was it a mess up on their part?
From High Lifter's web site
Intended for use in extreme conditions, High Lifter’s bearings are double-sealed. They last many times longer than stock OEM and other replacement bearings.

The High Lifter Sealed Bearings have an integral rubber seal to protect them from contaminants and require no maintenance. They are further protected by the same external seal as the OEM bearing. This double seal will lengthen the service life dramatically at a cost equal to or less than the standard OEM wheel bearings. There are no other fully sealed bearings on the market designed specifically for Honda 4x4 ATVs.
You might want to call them about it and see what they have to say .
All I got were the bearings. I had to get the seals from a local dealer.
Ok, the right wheel bearing just went out. Only 3 months old. Maybe 80 miles. Went though 1 mud pit at Tellico and a few creek crossings, thats all. I am not happy!
By the way, the bearings have no crud in them and grease is still there. Nice and clean. Just worn out.
im goin on 2,000 miles. one is a little giggly.
After all this talk about 2,000 miles and mine not wearing out i did another shake test. The FR wheel is pretty giggly. So which bearings should I get?
Some say to get sealed bearings, like Highlifter or Pivot Works.
Some also say they don't work all that well & some swear by them.
I have over 3,000 hrs & right at 1800 miles on mine. All original.
No wobbles yet.
I say if you guys get that kinda milage out of the stock bearings, they why try anything else?
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