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HOW dirty do you get¿

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Here's a question for all the guys running 27's or bigger tires how much mud does your foreman throw on itself and you with the new tires compared to stock size, what about the guys running rim spacers do you get covered thanks
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I have 27 mudlites 10s in front 12s in the back on type 7 itp wheels and i get muddy more than before but not more than you can stand.
I have 27` mud machines an they kick up a lot of mud .Way more than stock
ahh, cool i'm gonna go with a bigger tire, i have stock size mud lites and, they do alright the bike still stays pretty clean after playing in the mud expect for the under carriage of course
i had 27-10-12 and 27-12-12" kenda executioners on my rubicon and i used to get covered by mud and i didnt even have spacers.
I got 28 laws with a lift and 2.5" spcers. I get covered! Just goin down a trail the stuff flies up and lands on the speedometer. Here some pics.
Yeah just trail riding they will throw stuff up at you!!
if you dont get muddy, whats the point in riding? i got 1.5 spacers on front and 2.5 on rear and we get covered
Oklahoma mud....
Oklahoma huh... i guess your a boomer sooner?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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