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how deep??

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how deep in water can you safetly go on a stock 450S?
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All depends... The bottom drain tube off of the bottom of the carb is floor board level. If you plug this, then as deep as the air intake and carb vent tubes. Run these up under the pod and snorkle it and go as deep as you want. Ours always stalled until we stuck a stick or something in the drain tube..
safely, you can go up to the FOREMAN on the gas tank. That is about how high the stock snork is. Basically, If your nuts get wet when sitting down on the seat crossing water, get nervous your getting to DEEP... This is about as deep as Id go without a snorkle, THAT is why I got the trianle atv snorkit system. Now I can have the WHOLE atv under. That is a site... Mine is the yellow one

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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