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How deep have you gone??? Got video?

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how deep have you gone with your foreman and survived?

and do you have video of it?

i was just looking on for water wheelies and i came arcoss some ppl that call themselves the triangle atv guys...they are just going through the deepest possible holes and letting the bike flip and sink, these guys are dumb... go to and search for triangle atv

you can also search for cra5h and see all 37 of my videos...

sorry for the long post but i want to see what you guys have been riding through, i will get some good vids next sunday!!
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Lol im not sure about lettin it flipp over but iv gone deep enouph to cover the gas tank. I need more lift!
ive seen those crash..those guys are insane...
Jeez, they are insane! On the one called riding dirty, is that burning thing a bike?!
is it next to a couple trees with a guy looking at it?? if so, yes it is...
yeah thats a bike and dam these guys are dumber then a box of rocks
Here's a video and pic of Dirty4man going deep. The water was up to his chest (and over his waders) when he finally jumped off.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... %20180.wmv</a>

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thats prurty durn deep right thur

this was today, i have only had a snorkel for about 3 weeks and this is the second time i tried it out... works good so far, as long as you keep the front up!! haha drowned it twice going through a hole that was up to my chin when i was standing in it... everythings fine though...

here is a vid...
since my bike is by all means not water proof to keep the front up do you just keep gooseing it while you are in the water or does it half ass stay up while in the water or what
well what i did was slow down to almost a stop when the water was just above the headlights... then leaned back and hit the throttle in first gear and it slowly started to float up....its a **** of alot easier with my cousin on the back...
i cant imagin way....jk yeah that extra waight right of the back would help since he is on or past the axle

and Rooster we aint laughing at you. we are laughing with you.......NO WE ARE LAUGHING AT YOU!
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