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How can I clean white plastics?

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I got a new White Foreman and the first day I stained the plastics. It's not a big spot, but man it pissed me off. Do you think bleach or what to clean it up?
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My plastics have started to stain too ... mostly on the side motor covers where your knees grid mud into them ... has anyone tried a Mr Clean Magic Eraser yet?
yeah im not too worried about that ... no shine is better than brown stains ha ha... plus most people coat the whole bike in some kind of tire shine, wd40, clear coat, PAM, etc. after cleaning anyway right ?... and by the way i like to use SC-1 clear coat on my dirt bikes and 4-wheelers after cleaning and drying it ... its made for conditioning mx and atv plastics and makes it look like a new bike and it smells like strawberries! :) (i havent seen anyone mention it yet)... you can usually pick it up at any local bike shop ... then i coat all my moving parts and motor with WD-40
Contains no CFC's!

High gloss SC1 Clear Coat is specifically formulated for the Powersports industry. SC1 coats plastic, fiberglass and painted surfaces. Makes the clean up process easier – excellent for use on M/C and ATV fenders to prevent mud and dirt from adhering to plastic. Sc1 dries completely and is water resistant, leaving a long lasting luster without attracting dirt and dust.
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1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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