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How bad is this?

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My buddy was riding my stock bike this weekend and shut it off with the tailpipe underwater. He tried to cross the creek where I did, and got stuck. The front end of the bike was up, really only the back wheels were underwater. The problem is he turned the bike off, so water went up the exhaust. I don't think it could have reached the heads because the footboards where out of the water. We pulled it out, and let the water drain from the pipe. When we finally fired it up, it shot out water and then some steam. But all and all it ran good back to the truck (we had to go anyways). I took it to the carwash and cleaned it up, then dropped it off for 1st service at 20hrs. So what do you think? Am I screwed? I have pics if you guys wanna see me red-a$$ed at my friend...
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i've done this before.... my bike was pretty new too. excpet mine actually drowned out. i had no water in the airbox and i stood it up on its back wheels to let any water drain out that could have gotton in it and then it started up first try and ran perfect the rest of the time. i've had no problems from that ever since. i think u should be okay. did u tell the dealership that you had done this? they will try to get money from anyway possible!
No I didn't say a word about it, but the guy asked me when I checked it in, "Has it had any problems or anything wrong with it?" I was like no, everythings great, been running fine! He said, "So its being a Honda, uh?" Yep, It looked worse than this in person but here are some pics of it.

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Been there done that, you shouldn't have any problems mine shot water out for a few seconds when trying to start it and after it dried up it ran fine.
you should be cool.i wouldnt tell the dealership though.they might try to void your warrenty if an engine problem arises.

it is fine...i have had my bike in water that was up to the seat and it shut off and it sat there for a good 10 minutes. i winched it out and it took me about 2 hours to get all the water out and get it running.

i was in the woods, about an hour ride from my house. Alone. No tools.
Just me, the honda and a winch... i have it all on video if you want to check it out and laugh at my stupidty... here is a link

I think that this has happened to us all. Just have him turn up the idle a little and he should be fine. If you didn't have any water in the oil you're alright. The dealer would have said something at the first service since they cahnge the oil.
Well, its at the Stealership right now for the 1st service. I kinda figured if something went wrong they are gonna tell me. It kinda sucks and was good at the same time, because I had planned to take it in right after riding...
You will be fine, i was in a big hole and i guess my idle wanst high enough because the engine died. I had to pull out my spark plug and pull the hand crank a few times to get all the water out. Then i tipped it over and got the water out of the tail pipe. It runs fine after that incident.
You should be fine. Iv started mine plenty of times when its stalled out while having water up to the racks. Im sure the packing was soaked but itll dry up.
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