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How bad is it to go over the recommended oil change milage?

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I know this is a bad question,

I have a 2005 Honda Rubicon,
I am due for an oil change, but I cant get the oil, and get it changed by Saturday, when I was planning to ride.

I changed the oil and filter at 100 miles, after hte breakin period.
I am now at 686 Miles total, (586 miles after the first change)
The change oil light came on about 25 miles ago.

I ride about 30 to 50 miles a day, nothing real hardcore, but I am not easy on it either.
How bad would it be for me to go riding again this weekend, before the oil change?

Also,,, when is a good time to change the spark plug?

Thanks alot
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How does the oil look? Is it still a nice tan color or is it really black?If it's full and is still a good clean color then I wouldn't worry about it.My buddy's dad bought a 2005 Rincon and the bike had 1600 miles on it before it's first oil change.
I have an 03 rubicon and it has over 6000 miles I change the oil every time the light comes on and I use only honda gn4 motor oil , but if I'm out riding I dont stop and change it ! lol just check the oil and be sure it is full and have fun but change it when you get home ! also keep a check on the ft. and rear. diff . oil I change mine about every third oil change ! as far as the spark plug goes mine was changed at the first service that honda dealer does and they charged me 16.00 for 1 spark plug and it has not be changed since ! have fun and remember it is a honda !!!!!!!

Not an expert on the subject, but the oil change light is just a guide to help serve as a reminder. Going a while longer won't tear up your engine. It should be changed when the light comes on or shortly afterwards as available. I wouldn't stop a ride short because of the light. The sensor is not magical to detect major oil problems or usefullness, just a good guide and reminder.
I must be crazzzy. I change every time I go on a ( HARD ) ride.
I never ride more than three times without changing.
I change my oil every 6 months and I don't ride over 200 miles in that period.
I see no reason to change oil so often unless you think you may be getting water in oil. Oil will lubricate for long times. If you are not submersing the atv, oil should last a long time, even last longer than the filter. Use good filters, oil is only as good at the filters cleaning it or engine damage can occur. Don't make much sense using good oild and cheap filters. I am using synthetic oil which can go without changing oil for long periods without damage as long as you know you have a good filter, unless you are getting oil wet with water/mud.sand.
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